A new original, to celebrate the circle of life during this difficult time of loss for so many.


Conversationalist | Musician | Video Producer 

IMG_4506I love music. People. Talking to people. Talking about music. Playing and listening to music. And finding the music, metaphorically speaking, in the life going on all around us. 

As a musician, I’m a drummer who sings and writes a little too. I’ve been a regular with Austin, TX. souljazz group Church on Monday for seven years. I’ve also worked with Freedonia, Christopher Cross, Alejandro Escovedo, TresMusicos, Red Young, Ephraim Owens, and others. I think I’m the only person in history who successfully auditioned for Leonard Cohen on a pair of Bic ballpoint pens. Years ago, I wrote a bunch of humorous songs. Some of you may remember Moose in My House, Monkey Motel, Planet Earth and others heard on morning show radio, Radio Ahhs, Sirius XM, and Doctor Demento. 

As a journalist and conversationalist, I’ve worked for programming on Public Radio International, the Osgood Files on CBS Radio, and IBM. On my own time, I host SLRadio (Facebook Live & archived on Youtube). It’s primarily, but not exclusively, focused on the Austin, Texas music scene and the many performers and supporters I’ve worked with and have known as extended family for decades. It’s a labor of love that have grown out of living through the pandemic, looking for ways to spread a little sunshine and community.  With so much loss in 2020, I’m trying to celebrate the richness of where we’ve come from through music, memories, and more. 

Hope you enjoy it all, or some portion of it. 

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