Drum stool gymnastics

I’m enjoying watching my young ones bang on a set of rented drums today. There’s something about a drum set that brings out the experimentor in all of us. Our four-year-old is the funniest today, up on the stool with legs dangling, reaching out for a tom or cymbal, always the one furthest away from him. He’ll make contact with a few and then slip off the stool and drop out of sight. I had a similar experience a few times as an adult, at least the falling off the throne part. Falling off the back of a stage was the worst one. I was so worried about how stupid I looked that I found no time to worry about getting hurt, and didn’t. And it must have been a doozy from the audience. I went off the back of the drum riser and stage and half the drum set went off the front. You could not script better live music comedy.

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