Simple steps to help honey bees

Check out this post on the Whole Foods blog by Paige Schilt. She offers some practical advice on a few things we can do to help offset the scary drop in bee population. Historically, every winter there is a natural percentage drop, and then the numbers recharge. But for a few years it has been going in the wrong direction. Everyone has heard about it through the news, blogs, and documentaries like Vanishing of The Bees, which you can watch on Netflix. posted a new study on May 2. This is from the post.

Preliminary survey results indicate that 31.1% of managed honey bee colonies in the
United States were lost during the 2012/2013 winter. This represents an increase in loss
of 9.2 points or 42% over the previous 2011/2012 winter’s total losses that were
estimated at 21.9% (Figure 1). This level of loss is on par with the 6 year average total
loss of 30.5%2.

Survey participants indicated that they considered a loss rate of 15% as “acceptable,” but
70% of them suffered losses greater than this.

We’re doing four of the five things Paige mentions in her post, and will start working on item four, “Encourage your community to plant pollinator-friendly flowers at schools, parks, businesses and golf courses.” The list isn’t hard. Let’s join her.

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