Blackberry ocean

I played a little jazz gig last week at a cool Austin steakhouse and bar, Perry’s. The photo on their site is taken from the perspective of the band which is humorous since it’s doubtful the band member’s can afford to eat there.  When I arrived there was no room for a drumset so I crammed my drum stool in a corner next to the piano and played a snare drum and small cymbal. From this perch where I could easily rest my chin on the piano lid, I watched a facinating site as the evening unfolded. The darker it got, the more the room was illuminated by the ocean of smartphones whose owners were not content to leave untouched for the hour or two that they sat in the bar. At one point I counted 16 Blackberrys in action — one table of six people had four going at once. Many of these people were texting and others appeared to be browsing. I saw one guy show a woman a Youtube video of a band playing somewhere other than Perry’s. Somehow it was lost on them that live jazz was happening right in front of them while they strained to hear a compressed YouTube video of a band across cyberspace.  But at least they turned their ringers off. Hallelujiah!

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