Twenty percent of Americans — approximately 63 million people —  live under homeowner’s associations (HOAs), according to the Community Associations Institute. HOAs are basically standards enforcement boards for neighborhoods, ranging in their reach and power, focusing on everything from architectural and landscape design to property maintenance to how many cars are allowed in your driveway. […]


A Twitter friend turned me onto an excellent blog post by Nathaniel Eliason of Zapier entitled, You Are What YouRead: Why Managing Your Inputs is a Cruicial Part of Productivity. It prompted me to revisit this unfinished blog post, tweak it, and post it, because I think Facebook is one of the biggest input problems […]

I’ve always wondered just how many abandoned Walmarts are sitting out there, taking up space as they fall apart. A glance at WalMartReality.com seems to imply there are about 80 properties for sale or lease across the U.S. I don’t know if that includes everything that has been vacated by the retail giant or just […]


The sadness, and anger, and bleakness surrounding the events in Ferguson, Missouri have me pondering a powerful experience I had many years ago while living in Boston, Massachusetts. It taught me the importance of utilizing that gifted space we all have between impulse and response where we have the opportunity to choose our response. And […]