Late last year, my 93-year-old stepfather passed away. My wife and I drove 7 hours to be at the funeral, then drove back home the next day. Before I left, I complained inwardly about the long trip and the interruption of my life routine. 36 hours later I couldn’t relate with that complaint. I returned home […]

I have never, ever seen so much selfie taking in all my days as a smartphone operator and people observer. That was at Yellowstone, anyway. Hope you enjoy this little video I put together from iPhone video footage and photos we shot while on a combo family Summer vacation and gig excursion. Some beautiful stops […]

Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses. ― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden Perspective. Is there a more important word in helping us make sense of life? I find the flowers in our yard offer up valuable perspective, when I’m open to it – how we all struggle, […]


Twenty percent of Americans — approximately 63 million people —  live under homeowner’s associations (HOAs), according to the Community Associations Institute. HOAs are basically standards enforcement boards for neighborhoods, ranging in their reach and power, focusing on everything from architectural and landscape design to property maintenance to how many cars are allowed in your driveway. […]

I’ve always wondered just how many abandoned Walmarts are sitting out there, taking up space as they fall apart. A glance at seems to imply there are about 80 properties for sale or lease across the U.S. I don’t know if that includes everything that has been vacated by the retail giant or just […]


The sadness, and anger, and bleakness surrounding the events in Ferguson, Missouri have me pondering a powerful experience I had many years ago while living in Boston, Massachusetts. It taught me the importance of utilizing that gifted space we all have between impulse and response where we have the opportunity to choose our response. And […]


It’s hard to look at photos of old wasting homes in Detroit and not ponder what might have been done to save many of these classic structures. Anytime I see an old abandoned house in a city or along some highway I think the same thing — somewhere nearby another new house is being constructed, […]


Our largest-scale food production systems are frighteningly Orwellian, if you peek under the hood. That term works , even more so if we add health to George Orwell’s list of things – freedom and openness – that are undermined by societal and governmental policies of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation […]


Seven years ago I first read Ben and Rosamund Zanders’ wonderful book, The Art of Possibility. I had just heard Ben speak at the IBM Rational conference in Orlando, Florida, where he captivated a room of software engineers and other IT professionals with his talk on the power that comes with living fearlessly, selflessly, and […]

I love this commercial. It’s a beautiful piece of storytelling, saying it all in images. Nissan, which is still primarily a manufacturer of gasoline cars, has taken a very bold position in marketing of the all-electric Leaf by flipping the question “why drive electric?” to the thought-provoking, “why drive a gasoline-powered car? I like it, […]

Have you ever been passed by one of those big diesel pickup trucks with smoke stacks belching smelly black clouds? I’ve seen a few where I live north of Austin, Texas. They always make my skin crawl — the aggressive displays of testosterone and environment-be-damned defiance that they are. Being passed by one while you’re […]