Facebooks “pull-another-feed-in” feature is haywire. I blog three entries over more than a week and they all hit my wall today at the same time. Imagine if mealtime unfolded this way? Say your serving French-style at a big banquet, holding a big platter with peas on one plate, carrots on another, mash potatoes here, steak […]

“Mr. Laningham! Put the phone down, and step back, Sir!! Do it now or I will taze your phone and then you!” I keep wondering when I’m gonna hear this. It must be coming soon. My aggressive txting in the last few days, with thumbs flying and then a rapid push of the return key, […]

Donkeys like dragging people I love that headline — the title of my daughter Rachael’s latest blog entry. It is funny. Check it out. She’s a writer with promise. I also think that would be a great title for a movie, or a band. DOUBLE BILL TONIGHT AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! LADY GAGA AND DONKEYS […]

During dinner conversation tonight, in between comments about one person’s workday and another’s person feeling of being full, our six-year-old enthusiastically announced, “I’m gonna fatten myself up real good so no one will hire me and I’ll never have to work.”

OK, so it was the Orkin lady, not man. But still, those Orkin exterminators have certainly seen it all — giant bugs, man eating garden snakes, lizards the size of a canoe. My brother Doug and I knew we had a roach problem when our dog would cry at night. Our house on Bullcreek Road […]

(Part 1 of a serialized story I occasionally improv with the boys at night) Paul, Luke, and Evan Laningham woke early one morning. The familiar theme music of their 3 Dudes Adventures was already playing, so they new this would be an action packed day. Quickly they dressed, loaded their backpacks with peanut butter sandwiches […]

Sales is a tough job. Watching the best at it can be like watching great theatre, or better yet, great focused reasoning. But there are so many things to sell and so few employers unwilling to pay for the art of it. So we get a lot of unintended comedy shows instead. I tried it […]

What is it about retirees and maracas, especially when the old bossa nova tune “Blue Spanish Eyes” is playing? I think maracas were actually invented for this number in order to appease the country club octogenarians who, without fail, spring to life and forcefully gesture an unrelenting desire to provide a spontaneous hundred-man percussion section […]

I was elk hunting in Colorado with my dad, brother and a few others around 1970 when I learned how not to take care of wet Levis. We’d hiked in the deep snow all day and the Scotchguard Mom had sprayed on my jeans had been about as effective a waterproofing as a Glad sandwich […]

“TURN IT DOWN!” is the phrase every musician dreads. It’s expected at a wedding. When you hear it at a nightclub, something is horribly wrong. Something went horribly wrong this night at Cody’s– a ninth-floor fern bar in Houston that was once the place to hang for pop jazz and the singles scene. Our quintet […]

This is part of an interview I did with Tony about three or four years ago for a book I’ve never finished on the lounge gig scene.  What a treasure chest of humor Tony is. Coincidentally, Tony is recovering from brain surgery, thankfully, not self-performed. So please keep him in your prayers. Tony Campise Reedist, […]