Hard to believe I just shot my last official episode as host of the developerWorks podcast, the program I founded on ibm.com/developerworks seven years ago. We started as an audio-only podcast, in the early days of podcasting, and evolved to video about three years ago. Hundreds of episodes and many great guests later, I’m moving […]

TurboTodd and I got together for our annual post SXSW Interactive ramble.  South by Southwest Interactive, now clearly the premier emerging web technologies conference, happens right here in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Todd and I go on for 25 minutes or so, reflecting on author Douglas Rushkoff’s keynote on his newest book, Present Shock; Al […]

When IBM talks of Smarter Physical Infrastructure, it implies everything from the performance of interconnected physical and digital assets to the delivery of the services that depend upon them. The results they’re looking to deliver to customers are benefits such as maximizing operational effectiveness, accelerating time to market, and enabling new value creation across entire […]

I snapped a photo of this chart during one general session at the IBM Pulse 2013 conference. The stats, from the testimony of companies seeking to adopt these technologies and strategies, are revealing as to the state of smarter computing adoption. Clearly there is a lot of need, and opportunity to help them with adoption. […]


Scott Belsky is Co-Founder of Behance, an innovative web platform for showcasing and discovering creative work. He spoke at SXSWi 2013 about how meritocracy, innovation, and access to opportunity are not natural to the web. Some notes/thoughts from his talk — The web is verticalizing and isolating itself because it can. But innovation happens in […]


Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, which I haven’t read yet, is “Present Shock.” He waxed philosophical on Saturday about resisting the digital age’s obsession with fractured, everything is important and it’s all right now! living. Some snippets from Doug’s talk at SXSWi … Digifrenia – multiple instances of ourselves operating simultaneously and out of control. The […]

I joined Todd Watson at the Pulse Social Cafe Livestream stage for final thoughts and reflections on IBM Pulse 2013. We touched on keynote highlights from IBM’s Robert LeBlanc, Scott Hebner, Deepak Advani, a dynamic IBM customer panel, and a second panel featuring four IBM CTOs. The Mobile Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Security Intelligence, and Smarter […]

The IBM Pulse conference top themes this year were Cloud Computing, Smarter Physical Infrastructures, the Mobile Enterprise, and Security Intelligence. Here’s a 90-second sampling of comments from the conference attendees on their cloud computing needs, plans, and perspective. Find out more about IBM cloud computing strategy and offerings and watch the entire Cloud and IT Optimization […]

As one customer stated during a general session panel at the 2013 IBM Pulse conference, “Mobility is here. You cant resist it. BYOD is a reality. Embrace it and use it to your advantage, driven by your employees AND customers. Get out in front of it, manage it, and secure it.” Read about the IBM […]