Democratic workplaces: nice, but can they compete?

Of course they can, and Traci Fenton, CEO of WordBlu, shares evidence and explains why in my interview with her today. Traci founded WorldBlu in 1997 to advocate for and teach about the benefits of democracy in the workplace. Fresh out of college, she joined a Fortune 500 company, beaming with enthusiasm that her voice would be heard and she could make a difference, only to find herself in a toxic and dehumanizing environment. Forty more years of this? Nah! Instead she set out on a different path to making a difference, and to helping others do the same.

Her WordBlu vision — to see 1 billion people working in freedom — is ambitious, and her ideas on how to achieve it are certainly bold for the business world — decentralization of power and flatter organizations, true transparency, leadership instead of command/control, meaningful work, and full participation. And companies as far-ranging as Zappos, WD-40, and DaVita are evidence that it works.

WorldBlu LIVE is happening May 15-16 in Denver, Colorado, featuring a variety of speakers and sessions.

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