Extreme Makeover: Our Yard Edition

I was rummaging through some old photos of our yard (see the end of this post) from about 2005-06, right as we began what has become an ongoing quest to see how far we can stretch a suburban yard away from the standard grass-lined-with-shrubs thing. The before and afters below shocked me. Now that so many things we’ve planted have matured, and benefited from Elizabeth’s (my wife) never-ending adjustment of the design and distribution of vegetation, the contrast is visually explosive. And this only represents about 1/8th of the total area we have reworked and continue to retune. There are more and much larger dry riverbeds that solved our drainage problems, granite pathways, an arbor, a sizable raised bed vegetable garden, and more. And there was no master plan. It just all unfolded organically, which is also our approach to keeping things healthy.

It has given me an idea for what I think would be a very interesting video podcast series, which I intend to launch very soon. We’ll seek to share all the things we’ve learned about how to and how not to do something like we’ve done, and visit with some of the knowledgable folks such as John Drumgoole (Natural Gardener) and Steve Kainer (Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery) that have helped us along the way.

Pondering a title. How’s Our Garden, Your Garden (OGYG), or maybe something with reveal in it? I love the idea of revealing the beauty that was always there waiting to be realized. Hmm, that could apply to more than just gardening.



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