Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty Cover)

Song by Tom Petty & Jeff Lynne. Arrangement, performance, and video by Scott Laningham.

Here’s another cover that I had the opening acoustic guitar figure and 1st verse to, sitting in Logic, for about 3 years. I always loved this tune since first hearing it in 1989. I thought about singing it with this wonderful group I work with in Austin called TresMusicos (Mitch Watkins, guitar; Chris Maresh, bass; and often Sean Giddings, piano). I just never got around to finishing it. Writing just was never much of a priority before the pandemic of 2020. Funny how good things came emerge from bad times. Me really getting into writing, arranging, recording is one of those good things. Some of this ideas have been gestating in my head for years. It’s been fun to watch them come out fairly quickly, almost fully formed, since they’ve been playing in my head for so long.

So I cracked it back open in late October 2020 and thought, “this is fun. Let’s finish it!” It came together pretty quick and then, for a video, I started playing around with Adobe Character Animator. The little dude almost has a Tom Petty vibe to him, but I never remember seeing Tom in a cap like that.

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