Singer/songwriter Scott Martin, missing no more


Two ships, in the night

I met Scott Martin 30 years ago when he was was making a record in Boston. It was a brief introduction in a hallway and we both went on our way, not knowing if our paths would ever cross again. They did, and after two decades of life that has seen us both raising families, me working for IBM and Scott running an Internet marketing company, our paths have intersected around his return to public performance and new recording project – MISSING: Scott Martin’s Songs for the Lost.

Back at it

The project features Scott’s originals about some famous folks who have gone missing and the whole thing is a bit cathartic for him. Or maybe more like restorative. As he says, the music never left him. It was always playing in his head and would make its way out as he played and sang to his boys at night. But after 20-plus years away from it all, it had him wondering if he still had the public performance vibe in him. I can say for sure that he does, after I joined him for a duet show at now defunct Strange Brew in Austin to a small but attentive room. He clearly still has it, and his songwriting, harping back to a 70s and 80s folk sound influenced by Dan Folgerberg, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell, feels timeless. He has a very distinctive voice on both guitar and vocals and plays with the strength of someone used to covering all the bases alone.

We talk, he plays, I join in a little. We reminisce, share some funny stories. Not a bad way to spend an hour on a Sunday evening. Check out Scott’s site to hear some of his music, including the recording Amelia, with yours truly on drums & percussion. And check out his Kickstarter for MISSING.


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