Gerald Stockton on bass and the boiler room

Gerald Stockton –  Bassist, composer, very funny guy.

We’ve been friends since 1991 when he contacted me about writing for a music production library company in Dallas after he heard a cassette tape of my comedy song, Moose In My House. Gerald is an enormous talent, has written for film, television, recording artists, and his own personal projects. He’s also very funny. We talk about his migration to the US from South Africa to attend the University of North Texas, being the first to make the One O’clock Lab Band as an electric only bassist, and his transition to one of the busiest commercial music composers in Dallas under the tutelage of the great Tom Merriman.

Moose in My House brought us together.

We connected in 1990 when Houston jazz artist Dave Catney sent Gerald a cassette copy of my song Moose in My House. Gerald recommended me as a writer for the TM Comedy network and later as a contributor to production music libraries distributed by TM Century. The three years I spent in Dallas working closely with Gerald in the early 1990s were filled with creativity and laughter. As I often tell it, he forever raised the bar for workplace fun to an unreasonable level for which I will never forgive him.

We also listen to samples from and talk about his recent recording projects, including his work with Vinyl Hampdin. Gerald is one of those interesting people you haven’t heard of if you aren’t a professional musician whose career has taken them in regular contact with Texas. But he’s expressive, a master story-teller, a hugely knowledgable musician, and hilarious. I expect to have him on periodically as a repeating guest on Groovin on lif


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