Cars are for wimps

It is now clear to us all that our world is going through a rapid and lifestyle-altering change — a $100+ per barrel-peak-oil-war-causing-commodity-kind-of change. I recently re-read James Kunstler’s 2005 piece in Rolling Stone called The Long Emergency. It is even more sobering today. I found this quote especially thought-provoking.

America today has a railroad system that the Bulgarians would be ashamed of.

The speed with which these changes will come about — the ones that Kunstler writes about –is open to debate. But it is clear, to me anyway, that the Laningham transportation budget is starting to get out of whack.

Then I saw two toys hanging out together in our little boys room and it started to clear up for me. Hercules seems to be saying, Stop! Let’s think about this for a minute. Cars are bad for you. They make you soft. They make you indebted. On the other hand running, climbing, jumping and the sort make you alert, strong, tough, like me. Leather sandals and a skirt keep you cool. No need for oil-based products like rubber tennis shoes or air conditioning units. Yes, you have to have oil to make air conditioners. So I’m saying, junk the cars and start walking, you might even meet the neighbors, which you’ll want to do since you’ll be co-oping together instead of driving 10 miles to the grocery store.

I go for a leaner look than Herc’s, myself. I think he’s top heavy. Unless you’re taking on multi-headed dragons, all that bulk is really unneccessary. A basic Pilates program and lots of vegetables should be fine for the rest of us who only have to face small lizards on the back porch. But without those lizards, we’d all look like this dude.

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