Life imitates art with RFID-tagged socks

socks2Why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did! But what was a humorous idea to me six years ago has become a real business model for the Swiss company Blacksocks. I don’t know if they heard the podcast skit we created on developerWorks, but Blacksocks’ Smarter Socks system sounds wonderfully familiar. Smarter Socks employs button-shaped 13.56 MHz high-frequency (HF)RFID tags, one sewn onto each sock, and a small RFID reader paired to an Apple iPhone via a Bluetooth connection – all for sorting your socks more effectively or, I assume, finding one that was inadvertently kicked under the bed. I love the Swiss. I wonder if I could land an invitation to visit their factory and do a podcast about the real deal?? By the way, thanks to Mark Roberti at RFID Journal for alerting me to their article on Blacksocks and this delightful coincidence. Here’s the skit from years ago, featuring myself as host and two developerWorks editors – Mark Cappel and Denise Ruterbories – as guests Merv Cappeloni and Deni “One Sock” Fromage.

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