My last episode as host of This Week on developerWorks

 Hard to believe I just shot my last official episode as host of the developerWorks podcast, the program I founded on seven years ago. We started as an audio-only podcast, in the early days of podcasting, and evolved to video about three years ago. Hundreds of episodes and many great guests later, I’m moving on to new adventures in IBM rich media production and making way for a new host at dW. Calvin Powers, the dW Security editor, will take over and bring his own perspective to what will continue as vital part of developerWorks regular content.

As for me, I’ll still be podcasting and producing in-depth video pieces to help tell the smarter planet story, focusing on the themes of cloud computing, the mobile enterprise, social business, big data/analytics, and more. And I’ll have an increased focus on IBM business partners and customers, drawing on and showcasing their expertise and experience as the day-to-day implementers of a smarter planet. It’s time to get deeper in to the trenches and find out more about what is actually happening. So more on that in the coming weeks as I work with new teammates, a new strategy, and begin developing new content to share with you.



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  1. Scott, Wow! I didn’t know you had actual studio space back in the day. I have no idea how you kept up the pace for so many years and got so many great guests.

  2. Calvin, thanks for the kind words. Twas fun indeed. That first series was done remotely with a different host using an NPR affiliates studio in San Fran. That was the model I was familiar with for achieving great sound and having access to a good telephone hybrid for connecting with guests. I did the first few years of the dW podcast from home using one of those hybrids. It’s a clever device that nulls the lopp of your own voice coming back up the phone line in a conversation so you get a clean guest only audio feed to your recorder, but allowing them to still hear you.

    We should tidy up the old archives some day and make them easier to navigate. Some fun stuff in there. And more to come now with you.

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