My music life: a busy five-day span

MEDRUMSThought I’d share today’s Tinyletter email blast I did to friends in the Austin area. If you live nearby, would love to see you at any of these events where I’m performing as a drummer. If you’re interested, you can sign up for my occasional performance email alerts at the end of this note. I threw in some photos of me playing with some of the musicians mentioned below, and others I’ve played with in the past. For those many of you who don’t live in Austin, I capture performance videos from time to time and share there on my YouTube channel.

Tonight (Oct 3), 9-1 – With James Polk (piano) and Spencer Starnes (bass)
The Brass House
115 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin
(512) 649-1253
Those two guys played no small part in helping me become the musician I am. I remember the first time I heard Spencer, in the Fall of 1980, as I walked along Congress, brand new to town. He was playing at a little cafe called Gambrinis with Julie Christensen, Hank Hehmsoth, and Ernie Durawa, if my memory serves me well. It was the first live music I heard in Austin, and I instantly knew I had found my home. I first met JP a little later on after I learned of his legend from Mitch Watkins, another of my Austin mentors. Suffice it to say that I know of no greater musical talent and spirit in this or any place I’ve been, than JP. So grateful to know these and so many other great musicians in a town that is the best I’ve ever called home.

With Kellye Gray
With Kellye Gray

Friday (Oct 4), 8pm – With vocalist Kellye Gray
The Bugle Boy
1051 N. Jefferson St., La Grange, TX.
(979) 968-9944
Also, Live WEBSHOW at:

Saturday (Oct 5), 8:30pm -With Kellye Gray
Carmen’s De La Calle
720 E. Mistletoe Ave., San Antonio
(210) 737-8272
I join Chris Maresh (bass) and Pamela York (piano) both Friday and Saturday, backing Kellye with cool arrangements from her new CD, And, They Call Us Cowboys: The Texas Music Project.

Sunday (Oct 6), 9:30pm – With vocalist Suzi Stern
The Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave., Austin
(512) 473-2279
I join Peggy Stern (piano) and Richard Mikel (bass) backing up Suzi, who I’ve also made music with off and on for 32 years. Check out her lovely new CD, Romancing The Dark.

Kevin Lovejoy (piano), Chris Maresh (bass), me (drums)
Kevin Lovejoy (piano), Chris Maresh (bass), me (drums)

Monday (Oct 7), 7pmAustin Drummer Co-op appearance
One 2 One Bar
1509 South Lamar, #600, Austin
(512) 473-0121
I’m the featured drummer this month in a 1st Monday-of-each-month one-hour show at the One 2 One Bar. Kevin Lovejoy (piano), Chris Maresh (bass), and Hailey Tuck (vocals) will be joining me for an anatomy of groove concepts on a few songs from her recording project that we just finished.
Drummers and drumming fans get together to celebrate our instrument of choice and the endless unique approaches to making music with it. This town is so rich with great drummers and I’m honored that Tommy Roberston of Tommy’s Drum Shop asked me to do one of these. Tommy and I go back 33 years to when his shop was behind The Tavern at Lamar and W. 12th.

With James Polk (B3), Daniel Durham (bass)
With James Polk (B3), Daniel Durham (bass)

Monday (Oct 7), 8:30pmElias Haslanger and Church on Monday
The Continental Gallery
1313A South Congress Ave., Austin
Every Monday I play 90 minutes with Eli (sax), James Polk (B3), Jake Langley (guitar), and Daniel Durham (bass), for tips and the sheer joy of making soul jazz music with these awesome cats. it has that rare chemistry that must be there for something truly special. And this band is. If you haven’t been down for a Monday night, you’re missing something.

Hope to see you at one or more of the above. Have a great rest of the week.

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