Nicest skunks I ever met

We camped at beautiful Garner State Park in the Texas Hill Country this past weekend. It is one of my favorite places. Beautiful Cypress tree lined Frio River with its clear spring water and limestone bottom. Majestic rocky hills that rise a few hundred feet around the old camping area. Also, some of the most polite skunks I’ve ever met. They came out in droves at dusk on this visit, scouring the campsites for crumbs of deliciousness left over from the days picnic activity. There were little skunks, medium skunks, and one big one that looked like a small Collie to me — maybe one that some honery youngster had taken some spray paint to. But to a man (or woman), they kept their defense mechanisms in check and we all breathed with complete freedom. Next time I’m gonna capture some video with night vision. It was an amazing site.

Here’s a skunk anyone could love, courtesy of Wikipedia.

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