Nightmare on my street

Just got back from a couple weeks at a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. What I’m about to describe is not for the faint of heart, so if that is you, walk away from the screen now.

I was working late in the evening on my laptop, out in the RV, while I thought my family was sleeping quietly in the cabin just a few yards away. But suddenly there was a knock on the RV door and I opened it to our oldest, Nate, standing, horror-stricken, holding our 4-year-old, Evan’s, hand. “Dad, Evan peed all over the cabin floor!!” Nate blurted in a shaky voice. “I thought he was sleep walking and I held him and tried to wake him up and he let loose all over himself, me, and the cabin!” Swiftly I sprung into action and took command of the situation, offering him paper towel so he could clean up the mess. I found some clean jammies for Evan and suggested they both go back to sleep so I could finish working.

About 10 minutes later another knock and our 9-year-old, Paul, came in looking nauseas and barely made it to the bathroom before vomiting into the toilet. It seems the four large, late-night campfire smores had been a bit over the top right before bed. Then another knock revealed my wife, Elizabeth, holding our sleeping 2-year-old, Emma Lou, there to check on Paul’s status and scolding me for suggesting Nate clean up Evan’s earlier mess instead of doing it myself. She informed me that Nate was now in a foul mood after having stepped, barefoot, into a pile of dog poop while returning to the cabin in the dark, which had resulted in a much larger cleanup operation. I apologized for my earlier cowardice and I joined she, Emma Lou, and Paul on the return trip with flashlight in hand, scouting for more canine landmines. We all made it to bed safely, and the rest of the night went smoothly except for a random, in-his-sleep shout of “Oww!” from Nate, followed by an “Are you OK?” from my wife, followed by Nate walking over to our bed to ask what Elizabeth wanted and stepping in canine landmine shrapnel he had missed in his earlier cleanup.

Who needs sitcoms when you have a night like that?

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