Sing a song of bad hair

Luke-hairdobluesMany years ago, long before the eccentric hair architectures of Lady Gaga or Boy George, there was a barber named Mutt in Hereford, Texas who was notorious for his lack of skill. At least, that’s the way it was explained to me by a WWII veteran and victim of Mutt’s handiwork. This testifier, who will remain anonymous, endured numerous encounters with Mutt. But as with most men, young and old, living in the Texas Panhandle during that age prior to the introduction of the hairstylist for men, Mr. Anonymous quietly submitted to Mutt’s barberism, not knowing of a new approach which would soon lift he and his fellow victims out of the darkness.

That story inspired a humorous song I wrote and recorded back in the early 1990s, which I titled “Hairdo Blues.” Mutt is immortalized in the lyric, and I imaged myself as one of his victims, complete with band, background vocals, and barbershop sound effects. The song appeared on some radio morning shows around the U.S. when it was included in a distribution of the TM Comedy Network monthly offering. You can hear it below, from my SoundCloud collection.

While giving my son a short summer haircut tonight, I paused at a point of visual chaos to snap a photo and remind him that if he’d been one of Mutt’s victims, he probably would have been leaving the barbershop with this very look. He was not amused, and benched me, calling his mother in as relief.


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  1. Hey Scott, Iremeber another song you did, I think it was callled sweatpants. I like to hear that one again. Anyway, I hope to meet you next time I am in Austin. I live n California between Berkeley and San Diego. Cheers and make some more songs, ReneMesritz

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