SXSW Accelerator: Enterprise and Big Data finalists, part 2

20140308-123621.jpgSXSW Accelerator recommenced after a short break. Fieldwire, from San Francisco, kicked off the second half of the pitches from enterprise and big data finalists. They offer a mobile productivity platform for construction and maintenance workers. Users can record, track and share tasks, in the field, in real-time, with geotagging directly from their blueprints.

In between pitches judges talked about the confluence of startups trending toward massive, legacy markets like insurance and construction, and the maturing of technologies in the cloud that are making it possible for them to compete in an arena that might have been unreachable for them in the past. That also drives VC return expectations higher. As one judge said, “it’s ok to go after the next noble cause but if it won’t make big bucks, better to move on the next idea if you’re truly seeking venture capital investment.”

Continuing, map-D, from Cambridge MA, shared the buzz about their GPU database that drives interactive big data analytics and visualization in real-time. Amazing real-world application of the analytics vision and power that we’re talking about at IBM day-in, day-out. map-D’s heavy-weights client include NASA, Facebook, and those in the political arena.

photo (1)Shelfbucks, from Austin, enables on-site product info, deals, promotions for brick and mortar retailers with beacons located throughout the stores, tied to Shelfbucks data cloud. They help retailers slice and dice customer demographics to help them serve up the most targeted offers to customers.

Trustev, from Cork City, Ireland, shared for 5 minutes on their simple-to-integrate, low-cost online identify verification platform. They spoke about focusing away from antiquated rule-based approaches toward an approach that utilizes behavioral analytics and digital fingerprinting to help businesses open up commerce opportunities instead of restricting them while trying to root out fraud.

Great, succint presentations. Thought-provoking Q&A with judges. A great way to spend a few hours at SXSW and witness the meat and potatoes of innovative commerce happening all around us, thanks to inexhaustible hunger of talented individuals looking to create the next great business.

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