About time for an update. Church on Monday, Alejandro Escovedo, The Trio w/ Mitch Watkins and Chris Maresh, Fall River Footmen, and Jon Blondell make up the bulk of my music calendar of late. Sean Giddings’ project, which he calls Fall River Footmen, brings together Sean (songwriter, keys, lead vocals), Mitch Watkins (guitar), Brandon Guerra (guitar & drums), and […]

Reposted from my email newsletter, dated Apr 9, 2015 SUBSCRIBE HERE for periodic updates like these. Friends, First off, these newsletters are more important than ever, since I decided to leave Facebook. For me, it was too difficult to resist its tempting allure even while the value of it seems to be waning. For me, views and […]

Church on Monday’s tally, by category, at this years’ Austin Music Awards, held last night at SXSW. Favorite Jazz bands – #1 Band of the Year (All genres) – #5 Musician of the Year – #5 Elias Haslanger (our illustrious leader) Album of the Year: #7 “Elias Haslanger: Live at the Gallery” Horn Player – #2 Elias […]

Fitting that the word “Lounge” appear next to “Jazz” in my weekly Thursday billing in Austin, Texas, only because I’ve written a few thousand words of feelings and memories surrounding the lounge scene. But we won’t be loungifying our jazz on Thursdays, 6-8:30 pm at The Brass House, 115 San Jacinto in Austin, Texas. Our […]

Now Mitch Watkins is essential to Austin, Texas music. It’s hard to imagine this town, and its music scene, without him. In his on and off 40 plus years on the Austin music scene, Mitch has made everyone he’s played with, produced, and mentored, sound better and grow as an artist. The first recording below was made with […]

Thought I’d share today’s Tinyletter email blast I did to friends in the Austin area. If you live nearby, would love to see you at any of these events where I’m performing as a drummer. If you’re interested, you can sign up for my occasional performance email alerts at the end of this note. I […]

For my non-local friends, here’s a sampling of a trio I play drums in that i truly enjoy. For my local friends who enjoy Brazilian-flavored jazz, join the Santiago/Fremgen/Laningham Trio tonight at the Brass House in Austin, 115 San Jacinto Blvd., downtown. We play 9-12. Gabriel Santiago is an enormously gifted young guitarist/composer/band leader who […]

The Elias Haslanger Church on Monday band (Eli, James Polk, Jake Langley, Daniel Durham, and yours truly) is working a regular Monday residency, 8:30-10pm, at the Continental Gallery in Austin, Texas. We’ve been hovering in the top 40 on JazzWeek’s charts with the release, Church on Monday. And this past week we were honored with […]

SXSWi is, as Guy Kawasaki puts it, probably the most youthful, unpretentious web and tech conference of its kind with very few, if any, suit entourages walking around. I love it, spend half my time sitting in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center chatting with people, and ALWAYS wear jeans. It all kicks off today and runs […]

This is part of an interview I did with Tony about three or four years ago for a book I’ve never finished on the lounge gig scene.  What a treasure chest of humor Tony is. Coincidentally, Tony is recovering from brain surgery, thankfully, not self-performed. So please keep him in your prayers. Tony Campise Reedist, […]