Do this sound familiar? Alarm goes off, eyes open, and there it is — that creeping sense of shouldering a mountain of unfinished plans and unmet demands that didn’t disappear while you were sleeping. After silencing its alarm, you look at your smartphone for any txt messages or email that might have arrived during your […]


So Generation Y (or Millennials) don’t like taking orders? Well, it’s not that simple, but a great many articles, interviews, and blog posts have been written on how Millennials want a different kind of workplace and have a different life purpose motivation than the predecessors (like me) that they’re overlapping with. I’m not sure I […]

I’m attending my first WorldBlu LIVE in Denver this week and loving it. If I had to describe this annual event where people come together to talk about and celebrate democratic workplaces and the mission to foster more of them, I would say it reminds me of some of my favorite conversations from another breakout […]

Of course they can, and Traci Fenton, CEO of WordBlu, shares evidence and explains why in my interview with her today. Traci founded WorldBlu in 1997 to advocate for and teach about the benefits of democracy in the workplace. Fresh out of college, she joined a Fortune 500 company, beaming with enthusiasm that her voice […]