I love this commercial. It’s a beautiful piece of storytelling, saying it all in images. Nissan, which is still primarily a manufacturer of gasoline cars, has taken a very bold position in marketing of the all-electric Leaf by flipping the question “why drive electric?” to the thought-provoking, “why drive a gasoline-powered car? I like it, […]

Have you ever been passed by one of those big diesel pickup trucks with smoke stacks belching smelly black clouds? I’ve seen a few where I live north of Austin, Texas. They always make my skin crawl — the aggressive displays of testosterone and environment-be-damned defiance that they are. Being passed by one while you’re […]


I’ve grown so tired of the price of gasoline. Maybe I’m hopelessly spoiled, having experienced gas under $1.50 a gallon for most of my life. I even remember it under 1$. But gasoline in the U.S. blew past $3 a gallon a few years ago and there appears to be no looking back. A suburban […]