My musical adventures include a brief stint with The Bobby Clark Show (named changed to protect the guilty) during the summer of 1981. The BCS was a little Vegas rip-off act that traveled the southwest during the early 1980s. I met Bobby after being called as an emergency sub for his gig at the Hilton Inn in Amarillo, Texas in […]

I spent countless hours, as a developing drummer, playing along with Weather Report and Jaco Pastorius solo albums, hoping to catch a mustard seeds’ worth of the genius that emanated from those sessions. During my ’85-’86 pilgrimage to the Big Apple jazz mecca I actually got to play with Jaco for somewhere between 15 and 28 […]

What is it about retirees and maracas, especially when the old bossa nova tune “Blue Spanish Eyes” is playing? I think maracas were actually invented for this number in order to appease the country club octogenarians who, without fail, spring to life and forcefully gesture an unrelenting desire to provide a spontaneous hundred-man percussion section […]

“TURN IT DOWN!” is the phrase every musician dreads. It’s expected at a wedding. When you hear it at a nightclub, something is horribly wrong. Something went horribly wrong this night at Cody’s– a ninth-floor fern bar in Houston that was once the place to hang for pop jazz and the singles scene. Our quintet […]

This is part of an interview I did with Tony about three or four years ago for a book I’ve never finished on the lounge gig scene.  What a treasure chest of humor Tony is. Coincidentally, Tony is recovering from brain surgery, thankfully, not self-performed. So please keep him in your prayers. Tony Campise Reedist, […]

Ever so often I play a gig where the sound is unbearably bad. Last night was one example. In short, from where I sat, it sounded like the rest of the band was in another room playing inside an iso booth with burlap bags over the microphones. Reminds me of a gig during my youth […]

Austin music magnate Mike Mordecai shared a story with me recently about a famous and colorful Austin musician,  the late John Mambo Traynor. Salsa/jazz group Beto y los Fairlanes was about to perform for a big wedding reception and Mambo, a competitive windsurfer, had been windsurfing all day. Mike says he came right off the […]