Why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did! But what was a humorous idea to me six years ago has become a real business model for the Swiss company Blacksocks. I don’t know if they heard the podcast skit we created on developerWorks, but Blacksocks’ Smarter Socks system sounds wonderfully familiar. Smarter Socks […]

I played a little jazz gig last week at a cool Austin steakhouse and bar, Perry’s. The photo on their site is taken from the perspective of the band which is humorous since it’s doubtful the band member’s can afford to eat there.  When I arrived there was no room for a drumset so I […]

(Excerpted from my forthcoming ebook, My Life in Gigs) The second set (commencing at 11:45pm) was already painful. This was a “I wanna go to sleep” pain, nurtured by stacking on this fourth gig in a day after three separate outdoor festival sets with different artists in the sweltering Austin, Texas summer heat. At least […]

It may be hard to believe, but all three of the stills above come from the same video short. I know what you”re thinking — this kind of depth in ensemble acting is almost non-existent today. Even though 15-years-old, the Inline Ontime Commuter video on roller blading safety is still one of our most enduring […]