Fitting that the word “Lounge” appear next to “Jazz” in my weekly Thursday billing in Austin, Texas, only because I’ve written a few thousand words of feelings and memories surrounding the lounge scene. But we won’t be loungifying our jazz on Thursdays, 6-8:30 pm at The Brass House, 115 San Jacinto in Austin, Texas. Our […]

What is it about retirees and maracas, especially when the old bossa nova tune “Blue Spanish Eyes” is playing? I think maracas were actually invented for this number in order to appease the country club octogenarians who, without fail, spring to life and forcefully gesture an unrelenting desire to provide a spontaneous hundred-man percussion section […]

This is part of an interview I did with Tony about three or four years ago for a book I’ve never finished on the lounge gig scene.  What a treasure chest of humor Tony is. Coincidentally, Tony is recovering from brain surgery, thankfully, not self-performed. So please keep him in your prayers. Tony Campise Reedist, […]

I played a little jazz gig last week at a cool Austin steakhouse and bar, Perry’s. The photo on their site is taken from the perspective of the band which is humorous since it’s doubtful the band member’s can afford to eat there.  When I arrived there was no room for a drumset so I […]

(Excerpted from my forthcoming ebook, My Life in Gigs) The second set (commencing at 11:45pm) was already painful. This was a “I wanna go to sleep” pain, nurtured by stacking on this fourth gig in a day after three separate outdoor festival sets with different artists in the sweltering Austin, Texas summer heat. At least […]