Gerald Stockton –  Bassist, composer, very funny guy. We’ve been friends since 1991 when he contacted me about writing for a music production library company in Dallas after he heard a cassette tape of my comedy song, Moose In My House. Gerald is an enormous talent, has written for film, television, recording artists, and his […]

Just finished Hugh MacLeod‘s delightful little book, Ignore Everybody, And 39 Other Keys To Creativity. It sat on my bookshelf for months, waiting for that little impulse for me to engage with it. I see now it was published in ’09, so I’m a late comer, but it hasn’t aged a bit in its value. […]

I was living in Manhattan in the Fall of 1984, playing drums, working a temp job, taking in the amazing sights and sounds, and being selective about the smells. Walking down Broadway near 79th street, the sound of Mitch Miller and the Gang’s male tenor chorus came rushing into my head as some old song […]