Late last year, my 93-year-old stepfather passed away. My wife and I drove 7 hours to be at the funeral, then drove back home the next day. Before I left, I complained inwardly about the long trip and the interruption of my life routine. 36 hours later I couldn’t relate with that┬ácomplaint. I returned home […]

I’ve always wondered just how many abandoned Walmarts are sitting out there, taking up space as they fall apart. A glance at seems to imply there are about 80 properties for sale or lease across the U.S. I don’t know if that includes everything that has been vacated by the retail giant or just […]


It’s hard to look at photos of old wasting homes in Detroit and not ponder what might have been done to save many of these classic structures. Anytime I see an old abandoned house in a city or along some highway I think the same thing — somewhere nearby another new house is being constructed, […]


Our largest-scale food production systems are frighteningly Orwellian, if you peek under the hood. That term works , even more so if we add health to George Orwell’s list of things – freedom and openness – that are undermined by societal and governmental policies of┬ádraconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation […]

Ah, the canals of Vegas. Such interesting times we live in, that people would take the time to ride a gondola in a 25-yard long baby pool, equipped when authentically clad gondola driver but minus any of the real atmosphere of the Venice Grand Canal it is patterned after. The Grand Canal Shoppes is, no […]