The brave little planner

I’m about to retire my paper planner. I know I’m behind most people in this move. I was OK being behind the times for a while, but when people start to laugh at you when you carry a zippered paper oranizer, that’s tough to take. Someone said to me, “Man, that is so 1990s!” Being behind a little is OK, but being in the last decade is not cool. I used to hear that about my haircut, and then I finally decided to keep my hair so short that hurricane force winds could not cause it to move. Since then, I’ve had no comments about having dated hair.

It’s hard to let a planner go that has been so stalwart and brave. Mine has been sat on, kicked, dropped in mud, and left on top of the car. But this last episode made me feel it is time to give the little guy a break. A dude flagged me down on the interstate to tell me that the planner was riding on my bumper. When I pulled over, not only was it safe on the bumper after enduring parking lot speed bumps and accelerating up the onramp to Texas Highway 183, but it did it all while perched on it side instead of laying flat. That is one awesome planner. Show me a Blackberry or iPhone that can do that?

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