The origins of Moose in My House

I was living in Manhattan in the Fall of 1984, playing drums, working a temp job, taking in the amazing sights and sounds, and being selective about the smells. Walking down Broadway near 79th street, the sound of Mitch Miller and the Gang’s male tenor chorus came rushing into my head as some old song blarred out of some speakers in front of a trinkets store. Then, as often happens to me, the sound morphed into a sample that my mind used to play the monotone chorus of “There’s a Moose in My House.” Where did that idea come from and why did it pop into my head? It had been hanging around for a while. But now I new I was on a mission. All I had to hear was that chorus and I was convinced there was a song to be written.

A few weeks later I sat down and the tune poured out in about two hours. Never had a song come to me that easily before or since.  After it won the novelty song contest in Houston in 1989, it found its way to Dr Demento, Rick Dees, Scott Shannon on Pirate Radio, and plenty of other “morning zoos.”

I performed it live one time in Austin, Texas on Halloween in 1985. It was impromptu, unrehearsed, and quite lame. But the delirious Austin Sixth Street audience seemed to enjoy it just the same. I was wearing a very large tutu, so that may have had something to do with it.

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