Travelog: National Parks, Braun Brothers Festival, Selfie Madness, and more

I have never, ever seen so much selfie taking in all my days as a smartphone operator and people observer. That was at Yellowstone, anyway. Hope you enjoy this little video I put together from iPhone video footage and photos we shot while on a combo family Summer vacation and gig excursion. Some beautiful stops at Black Canyon on the Gunnison, Arches National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons, with other adventures in between.

But man oh man, I am still amazed at the thousands in Yellowstone and how many of them were simply obsessed with one upping each other in the selfie department. It was so out of control that people were stopping in traffic and chasing Buffalo and Elk to get close for the perfect shot. The animals took it all very calmly, it seemed. I can imagine them thinking, “Now THIS is weird. They have their backs to me and appear to be looking at their makeup in a small portable mirror. Why the hell did they drive all the way up here to do THAT?”

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