Vacation chronicles: the funny stuff

So much happens on a vacation that is worth writing about. Vacations are goldmines for writers. For example, watching our kids try to play the Battleship game while the RV was bumping along a washboarded gravel road, little pins falling out as fast as they can plug them in. I made a note of that one.

Vacation2013-distanceviewerThen we had the curiously placed distance viewer in downtown Buena Vista, Colorado that seemed positioned for spying on diners across the street. Yeah, there are mountains in the distance too, but the combo consignment shop and street-side diner across the street was far more appetizing for our 8-year-old NSA recruit.

Vacation2013-WolfCreekDriving down the West side of Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass in low gear at 35 mph, passing the runaway truck ramps, I recalled the image-rich line from C.W. McCall’s 1975 hit song, “Wolf Creek Pass” – I looked at Earl, his eyes were wide. His lips was curled, and his leg was fried. So I downloaded the song about a runaway semi hauling chickens from iTunes on my phone, and we listened and laughed while we drove.

Vacation2013-glassesWhile enjoying a nice mountain stream near our campsite, I snapped a photo of my wife and kids sitting on the edge of a little spillway, and then watched her drop her glasses into the depths below. Later, we bought a cheap scuba mask and searched the fishing hole for the glasses. She found them! Yes, she. : )

Vacation2013-drumsI have some music performances, with a well-known artist I’ve never worked with, coming up right as we return home to Austin, Texas. So I crammed a small version of my drumset into the RV for potential rehearsing at some point on the trip. That point came yesterday. I sat, half in the kitchen, half in the living room, while playing along with MP3s of the songs I need to learn. I could easily spin and get anything I wanted from the fridge, without missing more than a beat or two.

Oh, one more. In the frantic rush to leave on the trip, I packed four times as many socks and half as many shoes as I needed. All I brought with me was a pair of Tevas. Then again, I wear them 98% of the time, so big deal.

…and we’re only halfway through the vacation.

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